Small Tortoiseshell taking nectar in a sunny spell in March (photo: Sue Ashton)

North Curry Wildlife Group has joined forces with Climate Action Athelney to form the North Curry Environment Group. A website and social media sites are being set up and links to them will be posted here in due course.

The main focus of this site is the wildlife of the Community Woodland at North Curry'sWhite Street Sports Ground, but we aim to include other areas around the village and any interesting wildlife sightings too.

Please see the Places section for some of the wild areas of the village, and the Projects section to see what we are doing to help wildlife in North Curry. The section on Gardening gives ideas about how we can help wildlife in our own gardens.

We are building up information in our Species pages about the plants and wildlife to be found at the Community Woodland throughout the year.

Please also see our Twitter page for recent wildlife sightings, our latest news and information from other wildlife organisations. You don’t need a Twitter account to access this. Just bookmark the link for easy access:

Rainfall data for North Curry for 2023 collected by Dave Patten and compared with last year's records:

Hazel catkins at the Community Woodland (photo: Sue Ashton)