Mammals are rarely seen at the Community Woodland, but we have a prominent badger sett on the eastern side of the woodland so we know that badgers are present on the site and other mammals have occasionally been seen or leave evidence of their presence.

We know from rabbit droppings and digging on the ‘butterfly bank’ that rabbits visit the woodland and we have found evidence of deer, both in footprints in mud and in occasional rubbing and nibbling damage to trees.

 Deer footprint in mud near the willow tunnel in the hazel grove. 

Squirrels have occasionally been seen and bats have been spotted at dusk flying around the site. We hope they will roost in our new bat boxes.

Bat box sited in the south-west corner of the Community Woodland

In the winter months, when weput out seed and fat balls to feed the birds, field mice were discovered to have nibbled their way into the bird seed store. We also have evidence of voles on site.

Do let us know if you see any mammals at the Community Woodland or evidence of their activity.