We are fortunate in the village still to have an example of a traditionally managed hay meadow, which can be found along the footpath route from White Street to Broad Lane.

This three-acre field is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and has a rich variety of grasses and wild flowers. All can be enjoyed from the footpath, including knapweed, achillea and rough hawkbit. These flowers attract many butterflies and other insects. 

Large and Small Skippers can be seen here in summer as well as Meadow Browns, Marbled White, Common Blue butterflies and Six-spot Burnet moths. Ringlets and Gatekeepers frequent the footpath edge, and in autumn Red Admirals and Commas can be seen feasting on overripe blackberries in the hedgerow. Small Copper butterflies can also be seen sharing late summer knapweed with other butterflies and bees.

The meadow is also known locally as the Orchid Field for the lovely Green-winged Orchids (Anacamptis morio) that flower in spring.