In the corner of White Street Sports Ground near the Copse (backing onto the houses of St James’s Court) is another wild area, bordering the cricket field, with some new tree planting and a wildlife-friendly hedge along the boundary with the housing. There are primroses in spring and the corner is a lovely colour in autumn.

There are two small patches here, one near the entrance to the Copse and the other in the main planted area, where we have sown wild flower seed and are watching the evolution of these sites to see different flower species proliferating. Look out for hoverflies, bees and butterflies here.

Copse Corner is also the site of a ‘hibernaculum’, a place of shelter for small creatures, which has a built-in underground chamber about 30 cm deep incorporated beneath it, designed for slow-worms. This is accessed via pipes and filled with leaves and wood chippings. We hope that slow-worms or other creatures will find shelter in this ‘basement’.