We were absolutely delighted when Kate and Simon Mears offered to design a board for us to be situated at the Community Woodland to give information to visitors about the plants and wildlife to be found there and this is now in preparation. We hope to unveil  the information board at a special event or at one of our upcoming seasonal events.

Kate has been painting some of the most characteristic wildlife, trees and plants of the woodland in order to illustrate the board and we are very excited about the results. Here is a sneak preview of some of her artwork:

Spindle berries © Kate Mears 2018

Male Reed Bunting © Kate Mears 2018

Kate is very well known for her wonderful views of North Curry. To see more of Kate’s artwork, visit her website:

We are already very grateful to the Mears family: James Mears designed our brilliant logo!


We are also working on the design of a leaflet which will give information about the Community Woodland and which we hope to deliver to all households in the village . We hope the leaflets will also be available in the village shop and community coffee shop for the benefit of visitors.