Photo Stephen Locke 2020

Rearing Puss Moth Larvae By Stephen Locke (7 July 2020)

When a Puss Moth laid some eggs in his trap, Stephen decided to rear them for the spectacular larvae. See how he got on in our blog: 

Photo by Tony Hoskin 2018

Feeding Wild Birds By Tony Hoskin (15 February 2020)

Feeding wild birds not only helps them, but can give you hours of pleasure. For a blog on bird feeding by Tony Hoskin, please click on this link:

Photo by Tony Hoskin 2019

The Birds of North Curry By Tony Hoskin (6 November 2019)

Tony Hoskin has spent the past year discovering and photographing the birds of North Curry. For his thoughts on bird watching locally and photos of some characteristic birds, please click this link to our blog:

Photo Sue Ashton 2019

The Butterfly Bank: First Year Account By Sue Ashton (7 March 2019)

Read how our ‘butterfly bank’ fared in its first year by clicking on this link to our blog: 

Photo Sue Ashton 2018

BeeWalking: Not like Dog Walking! By Liz Gibbs (2 February 2019)

Find out all about BeeWalking with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and how it helps bumblebees by clicking onthis link to our blog:

Photo Sue Ashton 2016

Plant a Tree for Wildlife! By Natasha Shirley (23 November 2018)

Autumn is the perfect time to plant a tree or hedge for wildlife. For advice on what to plant, please click on this link to our blog: